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Airey Accounting aims to use its competitive advantage to achieve satisfactory results for all its stakeholders by providing quality workmanship, while at the same time exceeding expected service levels.  By offering prompt, ontime and accurate workmanship, as well as satisfying the requirements of all its clients regardless of their need will support in achieving this.  In doing so the company will at all times strive to uphold its values and provide the best results for its stakeholders.

We are a  dynamic Accounting company that does not play by the rules of conventional accounting firms, thereby setting us apart from the rest.  Evidence of this can be seen by the sustainable and healthy growth that the company has experienced since its inception in May 2001.

We have in place, operational Customer Retention Management strategies, allowing us to deliver and exceed expected service levels.  Our unique marketing and customer focus strategies allow us to get to the heart of each indiviual customer needs, giving us a platform from which to offer a tailor made accounting solution for each individual customer.

All this can be made possible by looking after the company's most important assets - it's people, who all stand to benefit from the future potential based on the company's fair and ever evolving human resource policies.

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